Base Material Pre-Painted Aluminium Zinc coated steel
Overall cover width – mm 1075
Effective cover width – mm 1015
No. of troughs 5
Pitch – mm 203
Available Thickness 28G (0.30 mm), 26G (0.40 mm) & 24G (0.50 mm)

Profile Drawing

Tiling Procedure

Recommended minimum timber cross-sectional size are :
Purlins - 75 X 50mm, Trusses - 100 X 50mm.

Maximum Purlin Spacing
0.30mm thickness material :- 800mm.
0.40mm thickness and above :- 900mm to 1mtr.

Note :-It is recommended to use single lengths to cover each run of roof from crest to eave and avoid end lapping for better aesthetics and economy.

Roof Pitch

When using MaxCover sheeting the recommended minimum pitch for roof sheets in excess of 15m is 7.5 Degrees and for sheets less than 15m is 5 Degrees.

Product Features

Crest Fixing

70mm self-drilling timber screws or twisted shank roofing nails are to be fixed through the crest of the profile ribs using an electric screw guns (drill) or by hammering through pre-drilled holes. 65mm self-drilling screws to be used on steel purlins. Either fastener must be used in conjunction with appropriate uPVC washers.

Note:- MaxCover are fixed by drilling fasteners through its crest its recommended to use minimum 3 fasteners across each width of the profile (both ends at the overlap and center).

Available Colors

* The Actual Color of the product may vary from the one shown above.

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