City Lodge, a multinational budget hotel chain was building its first Hotel Building in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Hotel was expected to open its first rooms early 2018. It comprised 147-rooms and a suite. The hotel is located on the corner of Magore and Vijibweni streets in the Ilala in Dar es Salaam City.

City Lodge, as one of the big names in Hotel Industry was looking for a solution to suit its requirement and to match with its brand name. The need was to provide Guaranteed roofing solution, which would perform as per the expectations of the client and at the same time to add to the beauty of the Building Architecture.

ALAF limited, involved its technical team with the contractor’s technical team to come up with the client expectations and to deliver the requirements. Indeed, it was a challenging job and as per its reputation ALAF limited comes out shining once again and the SAFLOK® 700 concealed Fix System was delivered to the roof, to match the requirements.