ALAF Limited celebrated its 59th Anniversary since its inception. The celebrations were held on 05th October 2019 at the TCC Sigara Grounds located in Chang’ombe Temeke district, Dar es Salaam.

The celebrations included all ALAF employees including from headquarters and branches of Mbeya, Dodoma, Mwanza and Arusha.

During these celebrations, ALAF Limited management had prepared various sports and competitive games, such as the finals for ALAF PREMIER LEAGUE season, Sack racing competition, Tug of war as well as music entertainment.

In ensuring that it cares about the broader well-being of workers including of engagement as well as their health, ALAF had established a football league known as the ‘ALAF PREMIER LEAGUE’.

The season for the league which began on 13th April 2019 was comprised of six teams

(Lifestile, Tekdek, Romantile, Versatile, Simba Chuma and Simba Dumu) which included personnel from different units and departments within ALAF.

In  the  promotion  of  the  league, the finest gifts was available in the following categories, ALAF League Champion, Best Disciplined Team, Best Player of the Tournament, Top  Scorer and  Golden Glove.

To conclude the league the final game was played on 05th October 2019 involving the rival teams of Lifestile and Simba Dumu.

The main purpose of these games is to bring together all ALAF staff, for intermediate partnet for working  to become more interdependent, to build partnerships, to increase efficiency and professionalism. Winners in various aspects of the sport were given several prizes including  Winning cheques, Cups, Medals and cash prizes.