Ginkgo Benefits – The [8] Ginkgo Biloba Uses and Effects

Ginkgo benefits” is the topic but do you know how interesting this naive looking plant is.

Let’s consider one by one all of its traits.

First of all, it is famous as a “living fossil. “Living fossil” a term we usually use for living organisms that have experienced minor or almost no change even in a million years.

Evolution has not affected them much.

Health Benefits of Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo is exciting in this regard because its specimens have been 270 million years old. 

It is not a small thing first of all in terms of science because for showing such resilience; it is essential to some really strong chemical background and genetic coding.

In the case of Ginkgo, it has got these traits together.

Through these traits, it can release chemicals that make it unbearable for insects. Usually, these insects try to eat it.

This herb can attack bacteria as well as fungi defensively.

1. Combating inflammation

Our human body shows its responses through different styles. Inflammation is one of the styles to indicate the issue of foreign invasion or some injury.

After this initial inflammatory reaction, numerous parts of the immune system try to subside this inflammation through healing injured area and combat against a foreign invader.

However, there is another side as well. Some of the illnesses can persuade inflammation even when there is no injury or problem present.

The problem long extended inflammation can cause damage to your DNA and body tissues.

Moreover, various animal and human subject studies have proven that Ginkgo can decrease inflammation in most of the illnesses.

Some of these studies are as follows.

  • IBD Irritable bowel disease
  • Stroke
  • Arthritis
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer

Hence, the results are entirely satisfactory. However, it is mandatory to understand the role of this plant exactly in the cure of these diseases.

Particularly, before claiming anything regarding it for its effectiveness in every aspect.

2. Schizophrenia and impact of Ginkgo

Even though it may not generate some results, the end picture is still better in presence than its absence in the treatment.

It can be a great addition with other antipsychotic drugs. Moreover, it can be even helpful in the treatment of those patients.

These are the patients who usually do not show much positive response with traditional medication.

Most of the clinical trials used 240 mg to 360 mg daily to test these results.

3. It can work tremendously well for healthy heart state

In of the small studies, people who were already at high risk of heart disease learned that when patients utilized this herb, they experienced a plunge in atherosclerotic plaque formation.

Health Benefits of Ginkgo Biloba

Moreover, this plant can also decrease LDL cholesterol oxidation.

Furthermore, the most noticeable trait is its better antioxidant profile. The use of Ginkgo Biloba can increase the activity of glutathione and dismutase.

4. Better in vision-related issues

It may seem normal, but the reality is that consuming Ginkgo leaf orally for approximately 12 + years can even fix the damaged visual field.

However, we need to remember that any such theory is not present with some solid proof, but not all the studies have brought the same results.

In one study, the participants consumed it for a period of 4 weeks. It did not bring much significant change, so the chances are that prolong consumption is mandatory to experience any noticeable benefits.

Till then we can just avail a mixed plate of theory and practicality.

5. Dementia and Psychiatric Treatment

Ginkgo can decrease anxiety symptoms. Moreover, it is also capable of dealing with stress and issues that might give a gateway to Alzheimer disease and cognitive function related issues (usually that get worse with the age factor).

However, there is no solid evidence available to showcase 100% success for such claims.

Yet there are clinical trials available that represent cognitive betterment in individuals who were already suffering from the issue of dementia with the use of this plant, but other studies were not fruitful enough to generate the same results.

On the other side, some 21 studies confirmed that Ginkgo is in use with other effective drugs so this plant better the mental abilities even in patients who have Alzheimer’s but with minor symptoms.

With another 24 weeks, long study (maximum) disclosed that this herb has the potential to decrease spectrum signs that are relatable to dementia.

Not something with surety but it is a speculation that this plant is able to show such properties due to its act of improving the flow of blood toward the brain.

Typically, dementia which has vascular involvement can benefit from it the most.

Instead of making an absolute claim, it is best to keep in mind that it is early to make such claims when research work has not been completed yet.

6. Ginkgo Biloba for males

Ginkgo is popular for elevating mental power. However, its use for the issue of male impotence is not new either.

This oldest plantation to mankind can be helpful in libido and other related stuff. Moreover, some of the studies even suggest that ginkgo basically improves nitric oxide impact.

This act relaxes the walls of arteries that can allow more flow of blood in the male reproductive system.

7. Better brain function with Ginkgo benefits

A lot of speculation has indicated that its use can better brain function further in healthy individuals.

To back up these assumptions further, there are some number or clinical studies available too. These clinical trials depict that the probability is high that Ginkgo can better mental performance.

However, most of the studies which were usually on much larger scales did not support the idea much.

Such results like better attention, betterment in memory might not occur after the use of supplementation based on this herb. The chances are there, but no one can say it with confidence.

8. No more Anxiety issue

There is research work available that Ginkgo has a tendency to plummet the signs of anxiety.

Due to its strong antioxidant profile, Ginkgo can actually decrease the anxiety symptoms.

This oldest plant tree type has shown positive outcomes in several animal studies.

Moreover, in human subjects, the test was conducted around on 170 people; in this test; the subjects took 480 mg or 240 mg.

The team which was on higher dose stated almost 45 percent better relief from the signs of anxiety in comparison to a placebo group.

When supplementing with Ginkgo has a tendency to alleviate the issue of anxiety, it will be a rush decision to declare it 100% effective.


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