Top 5 Penis Extenders in The Market: Review, Results and Side Effects!

Penis Extenders are a noninvasive device used to increase the size of the male penis for better performance and utmost sexual satisfaction.

In a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the average size of a flaccid penis upon using Penis extender for 3 months increased to 1.5 centimeters.

The best penis extenders are hard to find, also they have a very special set of gadgets attached to them which users will always keep in mind.

Without using a proper penis extender, you can damage your penis muscles as well as will not attain any benefits too.

Benefits of Large Penis

Having a large penis makes men confident during sex and of course, it’s something women likes a lot.

The truth behind a large penis is simple, once you have reached the deeper level of female vagina this is where you find her overly satisfied and more attracted towards your personality.

According to several surveys, having a large penis is good for healthy relationships.

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Truth About Penis Extenders

how penis extenders work

Once you have decided to try the penis enlargement, there may be many options available which mainly includes supplements.

Once again, we are telling you the use of the penis enlargement pills is futile which do not bring any positive outcomes.

On the other hand, penis extenders are the real doers which force the blood rush to enter into the penis and cause expansion of the tissues.

Not any pills or capsules could do this which is the reason’s traction force is better than swallowing natural ingredients.

Penile extenders provide your penis forces like you would apply to your muscles at the gym. Upon regular jelqing and traction, the size of the penis can reach to the considerable amount of growth which is also safer for the health.

2-4 hours of penis extender use can deliver an inch of growth in only 2 months, according to the journal of the British Association of Urological Surgeons led by Dr. Gontero.

How Do Penis Extenders Work?

Learning how penis extender works are learning how to increase the size of pennis using a hand.

It involves a gradual traction force which goes deep down to your penile muscles and reinvigorates the tissues with fuller blood supply.

The device is a spherical shaped from the top where the tip of the penis goes, the device runs alongside with the shaft.

The traction force compels the new cell generation in the penis which gradually leads to penis enlargement.

It is quite safe to use penis extenders because of the absence of gastric pathways.

Are You Confused Which Penile Extender Should You Buy?
  1. Do penis extender works? YES!
  2. Do they come at a reasonable price? YES!
  3. So which one should you buy?

There are some incredible penis extenders which may be useful to give you additional size and performance boost during sex.

Top 5 Penis Extenders on the Market

Male uses penis extender not just in size but to attain a sophisticated amount of stamina that may lead to delayed times.

Here are the 5 Best Penis Extender in 2020 male enhancement market.

1) Quick Extender Pro

This is one of the consumers endorsed penis extender that delivers the most comfortable aura with maximum ease.

Quick Extender Pro Reviews

The device uses the 4000 grams of tension to the penis muscles which is not applied by any other extender.

Quick Extender Pro is designed and assembled in the US and is available in 4 different packages which are both handy and economical.

The company provides free shipping worldwide and ensure the best results to its customers.

The device is lightweight, doctor’s approved and used to gain extraordinary endurance for sex.

There is a condition called Peyronie’s disease where the penis curvature of some men is irregular, Quick Extender Pro rectified the curvature and present your penis as a harder, stronger with a maximum capacity for semen.

Using Quick Extender Pro is very easy, they also provide users a detailed DVD video showing how to use it properly.

Quick Extender Pro device doesn’t get slipped during use, which is because of its Double Strap Support that keeps the tension force all over the shaft and head.

Quick Extender Pro Benefits

  • Delver permanent results
  • Highly comfortable
  • Modern shaped design
  • Made from premium quality material
  • Ensures the enlargement of penis length and girth
  • Easy to wear
  • Improve sexual performance


  • Requires time

2) SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics is the UK brand for a penis extender which was created in 2001.

SizeGenetics Reviews

The extender is renown best for its results that come faster, the material quality is supreme which makes it look even better.

SizeGenetics comes in discreet shipping and it has far much stronger gripping system.

SizeGenetics Benefits

  • Permanent Results
  • Discreet shipping
  • Outstandingly looking design


  • Expensive to some users
  • Requires time and dedications

3) JES Extender

JES Extender is one of the oldest penis extenders in the market, which was developed in the early ’90s.

Jes Extender Reviews

The technology is from Denmark that uses steel to ensure maximum safety.

There are no plastics involved, which sometimes cause skin irritation in users.

JES Extender has some very incredible customer reviews which turned their sexual lives into something much better now.

JES Extender Benefits

  • User will get this penis device is a discreet parcel
  • Old extender which maximum customers
  • Comes at best price


  • Results may take time
  • Discomfort to some users at first

4) Pro Extender

Pro Extender is an updated of the JES Extender which is made from the same company.

Pro Extender Reviews

The penis extender is made of steel which gives it a solid appearance and feels. Compared with the JES Extender, Pro Extender has way fewer accessories comes with the pack.

The instruction manual is also given, making the strapping and using technique easier.

Pro Extender Benefits

  • Nice packaging
  • Discreet shipping
  • Good reviews


  • Only 1 model available
  • Customers support is a bit laggy
  • Discomfort at first

5) Male Edge

Male Edge is a classic penis extender device that made from DanaMedic in Denmark.

Male Edge Reviews

After the use, This penis pump can guarantee up to 2-inch size gain to the consumers.

The success rate by Male Edge depends on the hours you choose to use it.

The Male Edge is also considered an updated version of the Jes Extender with improved grip on the designing part.

Male Edge Benefits

  • Clinically approved
  • Permanent results
  • Company is 20 years’ old
  • Medically certified device


  • Should be worn 3-6 hours a day

Are There Any Side Effects by Penile Extenders?

This is why we said Best penis extenders, not just ordinary extenders that pop up on your screen without any reason.

Penile Stretcher

Companies which makes the very best penis extenders don’t care about their sales as they already generate a lot from genuine customers.

These customers are in desperate need for large penis size and some needs to overcome erectile dysfunction of the bend penis syndrome.

When we looked upon the top 5 penis extenders in the market, we couldn’t find the complaints from the users.

Complaints of any kind, including the side effects, delayed results and lack of comfort.

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Which One Should You Buy?

Our recommendations are with all the 5 penile stretchers mentioned above, having said that all these penis extender devices are equally beneficial in terms of increasing size and girth.

When it comes to the comfort level and the material class, we already have detailed which extender should be good in terms of material integrity.

Stretching is the common part which every user must confront, the pain at the very first try is common so do not be alarmed.

These penis extenders are also discreet while you are wearing them and they won’t be shown from the pants or anything you wear.

Where to Buy Best Penis Extenders From?

Every extender or company which makes the penis extender device have their official website.

These top-rated devices are not available in the local stores, for detail about the penis devices or to purchase, visit the official website.


All the studies and research support the fact that penis stretchers are indeed very useful to increase the penis length.

When we talk about the best one, Quick Extender Pro is at the top of the list due to some reasons.

Buy Quick Extender Pro

It is made in the US so it is also approved by the FDA, then comes the customer satisfaction part where most men found Quick Extender Pro working.

We recommend the users to choose any penis device form the best 5 penis extenders depending on their financial status.

If you are going with the Quick Extender Pro then you don’t have to worry about the delayed results as the device tends to work very fast.

All the information about Quick Extender Pro leans towards the fact that it can boost up the bedroom sessions right after a week use.

There are special discounts available on Quick Extender Pro which may help you resolve the financial conflicts.