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  • Are all metal-coated or pre-painted steel sheets of the same quality?

    The world’s most modern and widely used steel coating incorporates a mix of zinc and aluminium which work in harmony to provide optimal coating protection for the steel core. Global research has established that the performance of aluminium-zinc coated steel offers a longer service life than that of an equivalent Zinc galvanised sheet of the same coating thickness in the same application.

    As part of its commitment to world class roofing and materials, alaf recommends that it supplies you with Zincal coated steel, the world’s leading metal coating technology for enhanced service life.

  • How does a steel roof compare in cost with other roofing materials?

    In the longer term, homeowners see a significant financial benefit from a steel roof that, unlike other materials, will not have to be substantially repaired for at least 30 years. A steel roof will also save you money on energy bills if properly insulated.

  • What is the lifespan of a steel roof?

    The life expectancy of steel roofs will depend upon a number of different factors including climatic conditions and the type of material initially specified. Generally a steel roof has an aesthetic and cosmetic life approaching 30 years. This can be linked to a functional life approaching 60 years. The best possible performance from any roof will be secured by undertaking regular (probably annual) inspections and completing any required maintenance timely.

    A pre-painted steel roof has the same life expectancy as a metal coated (unpainted) roof. The life expectancy comes from the metal coating, not the paint coating. Paint coating is largely aesthetic.

  • Can I get a warranty on my ALAF Steel Roof?

    ALAF Limited Roofing Systems carry meaningful long-term warranties (of up to 50 years) against perforation of the roofing material. In addition, we will get you a warranty on the fasteners which will at minimum match the warranty on the roofing material.

  • What type of fastener (screw) should be used?

    For optimal performance, the service life warranty of your fasteners must match the service life warranty of the sheeting being used. All fasteners recommended by ALAF Limited carry a Manufacturer’s Warranty and have a coating system that complies with SANS1273 – 2009 (AS3566.2-2002) standards.