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What is saftherm radiant barrier?

Saftherm Radiant Barrier is your first line of defense against radiant heat and is made from high quality aluminum membranes. This reflective foil insulation material provides effective insulation properties adding indoor comfort against heat, cold, dust, moisture and reduces energy consumption.


How does saftherm radiant barrier work?

Saftherm Radiant Barrier prevents heat transfer between indoor and outdoor tempratures, keeping it cool in the summer and cosy in the winter.

  • Benefits
    • Radiant Barrier offers superior temperature control.
    • Fire rating is SANS 428 compliant
    • Energy Efficient:Allows for reduced energy consumption.
    • Thermal Resistance: Effectively reflects up to 97% of Radiant heat.
    • Dustproofs: Reduces dust entering the roof space.
    • Economical: Maintenance free and prolonged longevity.
    • Environmentally-friendly: Allows for reduced energy demand inside building.