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Coated Steel Storage & Handling

For the sake of both the long-term durability of the product and to avoid immediate loss to damage, it is important to take steps to avoid corrosion and damage to coated steel.

1. Keep dry

2. Avoid handling damage

3. Use promptly

4. Use dedicated Storage facilities

5. Avoid double stacking

There are two main elements which should be avoided in handling prepainted steel. The guidelines below are intended to help avoid physical damage & degradation.

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Sheet Storage and Handling Guidelines

You can get the best out of your materials by taking the utmost care of them when it comes to storage and handling them. Whether it’s sheets, coated steel or building panels, what happens before they are used contributes to how effective they will be in their lifetime usage.

1. Keep dry

2. Avoid handling damage

3. Store inside

4. Use promptly

5. Take care over storage

6. Limit the height of sheet stacks

7. Handle with care