Turmeric Benefits Explained by a Dietitian

Turmeric is a tasty and healthy spice that is used in many culinary purposes and even in the teas.

The spice is extracted from the plant named Curcuma Lounge, which is mostly cultivated in India and Southeast Asian countries.

The extract is then crushed into powder form which is used for several medicinal purposes such as to treat burns and cuts, abdominal pain, slow blood circulation and cough with a cold.

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Top Health Benefits of Turmeric

The latest studies on turmeric powder signify some very unique facts that have been shown a great deal of health benefits.

Turmeric Reduces Inflammation

Turmeric has been considered an anti-inflammatory agent for ages, but the latest scientific research shows what’s behind this actual effect.

Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric powder which exhibits the inflammation-reducing property.

According to the experts in dietary science, the essence of turmeric extract can reduce the chronic inflammation which is caused by either arthritis or severe joint pain. 

This can also be triggered by stress or anxiety which are linked to produce in the brain which then causes heart disease.

The inflammation at the heart site can clog the arteries after which the blood supply gets a failure.

Turmeric with its anti-inflammatory effect can stop the progression of tumor cells.

Turmeric for Jogging Men

Runners around the world are regularly exposed to both acute inflammations which affect the health of their joints.

This inflammation if not taken seriously can change into the chronic form which can be the reason for many chronic diseases.

One of the remarkable things about Turmeric that it can fasten up the muscle recovery process, said by Frank Lipman.M. D, founder, and director of the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in NY City.

Some experts also believe that turmeric can slow down the profession of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) which promotes the energy level ding jogging or physical workout.

Dr. Lipman further advised the patients to use Turmeric, which is the easiest way to sort out the inflammation than NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) which are associated with multiple side effects such as abdominal pain, nausea, acidity, and belching.

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Does Turmeric Treat Anything Other Than Inflammation?

It would amaze you to see the list of turmeric health benefits, the Mayo Clinic and WebMD sources are all pointing towards the same directions which suffix turmeric as a promising herb to deliver more than 20 health benefits.

Turmeric is excellent for a cardiovascular system that has the heart as the main organ.

In the heart muscles, turmeric active agent curcumin has the power to stop the cancer cell spreading and delay the aging process.

In every cell chromosome, there are a Telomeres that upon dividing becomes aged and at one point they cannot divide anymore.

Turmeric effects claim to delay the division of Telomeres and add more time to the life-span of the heart.

The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry in 2018 conducted a study where they provided 90mg of Curcumin dose to the subjects twice daily.

This resulted in the improvement in their moods, memory retention power as well as slower neurodegeneration.

The result also concluded patients as more cognitive responsive and there were remarkable changes in their brain lesion. Decreasing the plaque formation in the brain is also one of the curcumin biological effects.

Curcumin Increase Level of Antioxidant in Body

Antioxidants are the byproduct of Oxidative damage which is a crucial mechanism in the human body that proceeds with aging and other diseases.

Oxidative damage is accompanied generally with the free radicals, these are the molecules with unpaired electrons that interact with other constituents in the body such as fats, protein and even DNA.

Curcumin in turmeric promotes the generation of antioxidants that fight against free radicals.

These radicals are neutralized by the chemical structure of curcumin and also, give you a rise in the antioxidant inducing enzyme.

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Should You Choose Turmeric in Food or Supplement Form?

Turmeric Capsules Curcumin 95% Extract Turmeric

This depends on how much the turmeric dose your condition wants.

Turmeric cannot be obtained from foods in a sufficient amount so if anyone has conditions like arthritis they need a larger dose, which can only be obtained from the supplements.

To treat arthritis, 4 mg of curcumin dose is required per day.

Always makes sure the turmeric supplement you are using does not have any form of additives or colorants.

Those individuals who want to use turmeric for preventive measures can simply add it to their diets.

This spice can be poured in the eggs, soups, roasted veggies or even in the steaks.

New York City-based dietitian Natalie Rizzo, R.D says “Half or 1 tablespoon of turmeric per day can give you most of the health benefits.

It will keep your mind focused and helps your body to absorb certain nutrients instantly.

It can be used as a fat burner along with black pepper and olive oil to boost the body’s metabolic pathway.

Turmeric Overdose – Is It Lethal?

The dosage of turmeric depends on your health conditions, for people who need smaller dose can get GI Distress if they consume a heavy amount.

It is advised to take the Doctor’s recommendation before thinking about Turmeric Supplementation.